• Second Hard Drive Caddy Universal CD/DVD Slot Brand New

    This universal SATA Optical Bay Hard Drive Adapter lets you add a second hard drive to the laptop systems. With a second hard drive, you can quickly store and back up critical data.

    – Add this caddy to your laptop to give you another hard drive. Simply remove your CD/DVD-ROM drive and put the Caddy (with the added hard drive) in its place… This is a good working adapter.

    – Note: Please check the below cool item, that will turn your 9.5mm SATA connection drive into an external DVD drive, better yet, no AC adapter needed; External case for 9.5mm SATA DVD drive. Only a case, not included any drive)

    – Support Plug & Play; Fast & Reliable connection just as the primary HDD. Fully integrated into Laptop, no cables / PSU / software driver needed. Dual boot, Support installation of 2nd Operating System on the 2nd HDD and boot selection.

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