100% Natural Oral Care Solution Based on Authentic Ayurvedic

Ayurdent Gum Care Oil for Total Relief from Toothache and Bad Breath

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Maharishi Ayurveda Ayurdent Gum Care Oil is a 100% natural oral care solution based on authentic Ayurvedic recipes. This powerful formula actively fights biofilm and plaque, promoting optimal oral health and a beautiful smile. lt soothes gums, helps in reducing inflammation, and combats bad breath, thanks to a unique blend of 21 herbs and essential oils.  Developed by renowned Maharishi Ayurveda experts and BDIH/COSMOS NATURAL certified, Ayurdent Gum Care Oil is traditionally produced and scientifically tested, guaranteeing potency and efficacy.


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Benefits of Ayurdent Gum Care Oil

  • Promotes gum health
  • Reduces gum inflammation and irritation
  • Improves tooth strength and breath freshness
  • Ensures the best results for your oral health

      Spray the Ayurdent Gum Care Oil directly onto the gums or spray some on a finger (over the sink) and gently massage the gums above both rows of teeth for two to three minutes. Then spit it out and rinse your mouth with lukewarm water. Do this twice a day for best results.